Create a better world through digital storytelling.

Because if we can’t imagine a better world, how could we ever create it?

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In today’s digital age, organizations must have a solid online presence. But, it can be overwhelming to manage it all.

That’s why Riparian Media offers expertise in social media management to support the sharing of stories and reaching target audiences for organizations that are making a difference.

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“Finding the intersection between stewardship and digital media is an adventure.”

Kayla Anderson is a climate science communicator and digital marketer passionate about using her skills to inspire positive change in the world.

She founded Riparian Media believing that storytellers have the power to create a better future.

Her background in environmental science and communications informs her mindful and optimistic approach towards digital content creation.

In addition to her work at Riparian Media, Kayla co-founded Climate Re:Play, an organization dedicated to educating and mobilizing the gaming industry to create a sustainable future.

Her Tik Tok content has also earned her recognition as one of Harvard & Pique Action's "Climate Creators to Watch."

When she's not online, Kayla can often be found exploring the outdoors and looking for salamanders.